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AMI-1800 ground power unit aircraft ground power

AMI-1800 ground power unit

The AMI-1800 ground power unit provides 1800 peak amps for starting and 25 amps of continuous power.


  • 1800 Peak Amps
  • 25 Amps Continuous
  • 50 Amp Hour
  • 38 Minute Recharge Rate
  • Length 17.00 Inches
  • Width 5.70 Inches
  • Height 10.20 Inches
  • Weight 58 lbs.


AMI-1800 Ground Power Unit

The AMI-1800 ground power unit (GPUs) performs aircraft starting and maintenance functions at a much more compact size and price than traditional GPUs. The AMI ground power units can be used on the ramp and are portable enough to fly with the airplane or helicopter to remote locations. The unit can be used for maintenance functions for prolonged periods while connected to an AC power source for shop or hangar applications.

The versatile AMI GPUs offer tremendous cranking amperage when used for aircraft starts on the ramp or in remote locations. The GPU’s internal batteries are Drycell technology which translates to no maintenance, no external leaks and no corrosion.

AMI-1800 ground power unit Benefits:

  • :Cooler Starts for Turbine Powered Aircraft
  • Continuous Power for Shop or Ramp
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Significant Power Output for Size and Weight
  • Rapid Recharge Rate
  • Maintenance Free