The importance of turbine engine washes

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The importance of turbine engine washes

This article was featured in February 2016 Aviators Hotline, explaining the importance of turbine engine washes.

February Aviators Hotline

The term engine wash is the use of water and detergent, flowed through the engine to clean the compressor, turbine blades, and core of the engine. The objective behind the practice is to remove carbon buildup that reduces engine efficiency and operating efficiency of the turbine engine. In this case, the term washing does not refer to a cosmetic cleaning of the engine’s exterior, but rather to the process of cleaning the internal components to ensure economical operation throughout the life of the engine.

Traditionally, the engine wash process had featured the use of detergents and solvents applied to the engine during the overhaul process, after the engine had been removed from the aircraft for overhaul. The contemporary means of performing the engine wash is to rotate the components of the engine while cleaning solution or water is sprayed into the engine. This process allows the engine to be cleaned at much more frequent intervals than waiting for overhaul time.

The turbine engine wash process requires specialized equipment to perform the operation and this was the impetus for Aviation Management International (AMI) to develop their own turbine engine wash systems.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida since 1989, AMI recognized a need in the aviation industry for versatile and moderately priced ground support equipment, and manufacturers a line of high quality ground support equipment to meet that need.

AMI has seen strong demand for their turbine engine wash systems as operators constantly look for ways to cut their costs and increase efficiency. Performing routine turbine engine washes to the turbine wheels and compressor sections of a turbine engine is a simple way for operators to keep their engines running efficiently and reduce operating costs according to Kevin Howarth, President of AMI. Further, Mr. Howarth stated that most engine manufacturers recommend routine turbine engine washes as part of a periodic maintenance program.

AMI designed and developed the AMI-TW60 and TW60AT models of Turbine Engine Wash systems to be rugged and versatile in order to fit a need in the marketplace. The AMI-TW60 and AMI-TW60AT model turbine engine wash systems are lightweight and portable enough to be easily moved by an aircraft maintenance professional and are very versatile with regulated pressure capability in order for the technician to create the desired flow. The units are robust and well built and afford the operator years of reliable service.

Based in Fort Lauderdale since 1989, Aviation Management International, Inc. is committed to offering high quality, affordable ground support equipment as well as aircraft marketing, sales and consulting services to the aviation community.

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