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2003 Eurocopter AS365N2

IFR / Offshore, Dual Controls, 1150 Liters Usable, Dual Wipers, Exterior Lighting, Bleed Air Heating Defogger, Large Cabin Area, 38.84 Cubic Foot Baggage, Emergency Floatation System, Overhead Lateral Absorber, SFIM 155D Auto Pilot, Collins HF, King VHF, ADF, Transponder, DME, BFG Stand By ADI, SSCVR, SSFDR SHADIN Fuel Computer, NAT VHF/FM Maritime, KANNAD 406ELT, Approach Plus GPS, RMI, Gyro, HSI, Radio Alt Weather Radar.

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2007 Eurocopter AS350B3

Gyro Horizon, Gyro Compass, HSI, RMI, VHF/VOR/LOC/GS Transponder, Encoder, Audio ICS, ELT, iPOD Connection, Radar Altimeter, Hourmeter, Engine wash Kit, Sand Filter, Tinted Windows, Air Conditioning, Wire Strike Protection, Dual Controls Energy, Right Rear Sliding Door, Skid Wearing Plates, Cargo Swing (Fixed Parts), Left Hand Landing Light Swiveling.

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NEW Eurocoter AS350B2

L/H Sliding Door, Hi-Vis Window, Cabin Heating / Demist, High Skid Gear, Long Boarding steps, Highback Seats - Pilot & Co-Pilot, VEMD, Rotor brake,Dual Controls, King KX 165 Garmin GNS 430, GI 106A, Garmin GMA 340H, Garmin GTX 327, Shadin 8800T, Kannad 406 ELT, Thales Attitude Gyro, AIM 205-1BL DG, Turn and Bank.

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2010 Eurocoter AS350B2

High Skids, Long Steps, Hi-Vis Doors, Rotor Brake, Heater/Demister, Air Conditioning, Sliding Door, Energy Absorbing Seats, Dual Controls, Thales Gyro Horizon, KX-165A Nav/Com, GNS-430 Nav/Com/GPS, GMA-340H Intercom System, GTX-327 transponder, 8800T Encoding Altimeter, AIM Gyro Compass, Kannad ELT, Barrier Inlet Filter, CDI, Garmin 695 MAP, TCAD.

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2005 Eurocopter AS365N3

IIDS, Dual Controls, 281 Gallons Usable,
Bleed Air Heat / Demist, Emergency Floatation System, Dual Wide Aft Sliding Doors, Honeywell Com's, Honeywell Nav's, DME, Standi By ADI, ADF, XPDR, FDR, NAT VHF/FM, KANNAD 406 ELT, Radio Altimeter, Color Rada

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1984 AGUSTA 109 AII

Garmin GPS 530, Garmin GPS 430, Garmin GMA 347, Transponder, Radar Altimeter, Autopilot, Encoding Altimeter, CD/DVD Player, Rotor Brake, Corporate interior, Passenger LCD Screen, Dual Controls, Corporate Soundproofing, Air-conditioning, Heater, Tie-down & Covers Kit, Maintenance Manuals.

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1990 Bell 206B3

Garmin GPS 400, King KMA-24H Audio, King KTR-908 VHF, King Transpoder, Davtron Clock, KI-206 VOR Indicator, King KY-196 VHF Com, ELT, TFM-138 FM Transceiver.

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1991 Eurocopter AS355F2

2 Axis Autopilot, Garmin 530, Garmin 696, Garmin SL30 KI-525A, AIM Attitude Gyro, KRA-405, PS Engineering Audio, ELT, Garmin 330, Turn & Bank, Blind Encoder, XM Weather, Avionics Cooling Fan, 3 Light Marker, High Skid Gear, LH Dart Step, LH Sliding Door, Facet Oil Filters, Heating/Demist, Freon Air Conditioning, Tail Rotor Guard, Dual Controls


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